Exemplification Essay

Will Rolfsen


Professor Sims

Comp. 1

College Pressures

In today’s world, many young adults struggle to find a good school that they can afford and be confident that they can secure a well-paying job afterwards. They begin to worry that they won’t have the money to pay for college, job security, and the feeling of overall security for the future. Young adults today are overall not getting the jobs they are guaranteed due to shortage of jobs and improper training in college.

When you start the process of searching for colleges, it can be stressful on you. Teens have to visit numerous schools, pay for applications and then still keep pushing on through high school. They start to get to the end of high school and begin to checkout, they feel they have been accepted to a college and get the feeling that they don’t need to try. What they don’t realize is that colleges watch your grades even to the end. These people have to take out loans for school to help pay for classes and admission, they don’t have the money so they go into debt to pay for school. Even years after they graduate from college, people will continue to pay off their ever growing loan debt.

Modern Education and the business industry have changed a lot over the years. Companies are becoming more competitive in the hiring process and are demanding higher and more advanced degrees for their jobs. Young adults are feeling the pressure when it comes time to study because they have so much to do and today it’s gotten much harder. “The pressure is almost as heavy on students who just want to graduate and get a job. Long gone are the days of the “gentlemen’s C,” when students journeyed through college with a certain relaxation, sampling a wide variety of courses — music, art, philosophy, classics, anthropology, poetry, religion — that would send them out as liberally educated men and women.”(Zinsser). School has to get harder in order for people to be successful when they get out into the real world and are searching for jobs.

The security for peoples future is something a lot of them want right away, they’re fresh out of college and they begin to get uncomfortable feelings that they won’t get jobs. They want to know right away if they’re going to have jobs, money, successful futures. It’s all in their head when they tell themselves they won’t make it or they won’t have enough money. All of the pressures of college come out of how stressful school gets and how emotional it makes people. It puts a lot on the table and makes great expectations out of people.

The pressures of college have a lot to do with people not knowing what will happen in their future. It’s difficult to know what you will do in the future, but you have to focus on what you like most and you will go from there. People want to know what they will do right from the get-go, and its affecting how they progress through college because they all have the pressure of succeeding under harsh circumstances. College isn’t easy anymore and more and more everyday young adults are being affected by it.




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