Argumentative Draft


Argumentative Draft

The death penalty is the U.S.’s form of capital punishment. It’s used on criminals who have the worst crimes and who deserve the worst punishment, being deprived of their right to live. In the U.S. alone there are more people executed than any other country, this shows how the use of capital punishment is seen throughout the world. Many countries have abolished it since the 20th century.

People who are able to be executed must be 18 years or older, below that is illegally killing a juvenile. The death penalty in the U.S. is a very controversial subject and since so many support it, it’s going to keep happening. It’s currently only used in five countries, China, Yemen, Iran, North Korea…. United States of America. This is meant to serve justice to evil people for their heinous crimes, when one of the truly evil countries are the ones doing it. The U.S. is on a list with four other countries, two of which are nations with truly evil governments who oppress their people. The U.S. shouldn’t be on that list.

The death penalty has been used in America ever since the English sailed across the Atlantic and settled in Virginia. It was already used it England before and it was brought over. The English have heavily influenced our death penalty laws and the ways we carry it out. Since the death penalty was established, seventeen states have abolished it. While some of the states were attempting to abolish it, there were inmates who were still on death row due to appeals not being retroactive. Along with the U.S. government, and U.S. military there are 33 states that still actively use the death penalty.

In the U.S. every year there are many executions, most of them nowadays are done by lethal injection. Some states still use more painful ways of execution, electrocution, hanging, firing squad, gas chamber. These methods of execution are all terrible. The criminals who have committed these crimes may have done horrible things, but they don’t deserve to die like that. They can have life without parole instead. Executions aren’t anything to be happy about, no one should have to hear about it, witness or even participate in them. Capital punishment is wrong and no one should have to go through with it.

Capital punishment is a very serious subject because there are so many executions in the U.S. that you have to at multiple sheets of paper to get an idea of how many there are. Executions aren’t worth it, if you’re trying to prove a point by killing them, it’s not going to prove anything. Execution in a sense is an easier way out, If you give them life in prison they will begin to feel the pain and suffering more. The death penalty is a horrible act and deserves to be abolished and replaced with better terms for the criminals.    




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