Will Rolfsen


Comp. 1


“No matter how big the lie; repeat it often enough and the masses will regard it as the truth.” (JFK). This is an example of how easy it is to use propaganda in the world today. If something were done that wasn’t truthful or not right, if it happens more than once and the people get used to it they will begin to believe it. The propaganda used in the world isn’t always bad, but you can lie to make the people lean towards one thing instead of the other.

The Bandwagon is one of the most seen forms of propaganda today, if not the one that fits almost everyone. It is when something becomes popular and the other people decide to be into the same thing because it’s popular and everyone else is doing it. For example, Apple Products are part of the bandwagon. IPods, IPhones, IPads, these are all things that a lot of people have because they saw everyone else had them and felt it was cool and wanted one. One more example is IU basketball, once they started doing good people who didn’t even like them before jumped on the wagon to support them just because they’re good. These examples show how a bandwagons works, especially IU basketball. People start loving them just because they’re the best team. Bandwagon is a very widely known form of propaganda and always will be.

Plain Folks is also a popular version of propaganda, people can relate to this because it uses things that apply to people’s everyday life and they are pleased by it. A product is used in a commercial that appeals to the everyday person and they are able to relate to it and it will make them go towards buying this particular product versus the other. Examples of the form are house ware products, clothing, and restaurants. Those are all forms of Plain Folks because its applies to the everyday person. This shows how the propaganda type is illustrated because it has a form of attraction from the regular person. Plain Folks is a great way to connect with the majority of the people in an area, do something that they will like and they can relate to.

Testimonial is a form of propaganda in which a celebrity is seen in the commercial, people can relate to this because of the fact that a celebrity is endorsing the product. It is seen that a celebrity will be holding or using the product in a commercial and it will make it seem legitimate since a famous person approves of it. Some examples are, Larry the Cable Guy endorsing Prilosec OTC, Sofia Vergara of Modern Family in the Diet Pepsi commercials. It is shown that since these products are used by celebrities, that they must be good and work well. These are how testimonials occur, a celebrity is paid to endorse it and make it look good so others will buy it.

Propaganda is a huge part of society, it is often used for purposes of gaining support and having people use a certain product. It can be referred to as the form of government brainwashing sometimes, politicians trying to sway your vote. People are so easily moved by propaganda that they often are seen swearing by one product, person etc. It has always been a major part in history and will continue to be an important way to persuade someone to do something.



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